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Serving Southern Maine since 1974...

Electric Vehicle Charging

Buying or Selling:  We work with brokers, home buyers and sellers to help bring a home's electrical systems up to current electrical standards.  We are licensed and insured, meeting insurance requirements for safe, qualified work.

Lighting Needs: We offer a variety of lighting options and services. The right fixture with the correct placement is integral to any remodeling job. From low voltage, to halogen, to LED, and track fixtures, each light can offer unique features to enhance the functionality and style of any home.  

Safety and Security:  Ask us about portable or standby generator installations, whole house surge protection equipment, exterior timed or motion activated lighting, and fire alarms.

Lighting and Signage:  Don't lose your market presence after hours!  Lighted signs and illuminated walk ways bring attention to you long after you close for the day.  

Protection: Protect your business, your inventory, and your employees by installing the right safety equipment. Surge and battery backup systems can safeguard your data and your costly computer equipment. Generators and power systems keep you online and operating during the worst of weather. Emergency lighting keeps your customers and employees safe and meets OSHA, state and local code requirements.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: We are certified installers for electric vehicle charging stations. We are a Tesla Certified Business Partner and Certified Charge Point Installer. 

Efficiency Maine Certified Installer

We are an Efficiency Maine Certified Vendor.   Contact us directly, or through Efficiency Maine, for more information on low cost, energy saving options for your home, or for business electrical systems and lighting upgrades.  

Whether you need to upgrade the wiring in a historical home, multi-unit apartment, or single family residence we offer creative solutions to bring your home's electrical systems up to current code standards.  Certified and licensed installations can save you money on your insurance, reduce your electrical consumption, and reduce the risk of injury or loss from faulty electrical systems.  No job is too big or too small.   



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South Portland, ME 04106
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